Paint a mural with us!

Testimonial – Principal Knight

I want to thank you for all the time and effort you expended in involving Mixter students with planning, drawing sketches, and painting the banners to promote awareness and appreciation of our community. what a fantastic project for the City of Lincoln Park, and how fortunate we were for your visitation. Your creative energy was […]

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Oxford Mosaic Project

OXFORD, CT.- 18 MAY 2009– Resident artist JoAnn Moran, center, works on making a mosaic tile with, eighth-grade students of Great Oak Middle School in Oxford, Gina Scott, left, and Haley Krivenski Monday. Students will be working on the 4-foot-by-8-foot mosaic will depict historical buildings of Oxford and will be placed in the hallway of […]

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Testimonial – Brenda Smith

I cannot express how grateful I am to Ms Moran for giving me and many others like me, the opportunity to create art for the masses to enjoy in such a public forum. During the many hours I painted in the rePublicArt studio I saw firsthand what a dedicated woman Ms. Moran truly is. she […]

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