Testimonial – Brenda Smith

I cannot express how grateful I am to Ms Moran for giving me and many others like me, the opportunity to create art for the masses to enjoy in such a public forum.

During the many hours I painted in the rePublicArt studio I saw firsthand what a dedicated woman Ms. Moran truly is. she spent countless hours over many months coordinating this rather large undertaking. To see the banners flying around New Haven is breathtaking. It brought me and my suburbanite family and friends into the City of New Haven, I was even able to convince my coworkers in Norwalk to take the 30min trip to see the banners.

Brenda Smith, Branford CT

Author: JAM

JoAnn Moran is a muralist, she has worked with over 70,000 people of all ages and abilities to create murals for public spaces.

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